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Lentils and Capsules

Tube Shaper

What is a lentil?  It describes shapes that domed surfaces that taper to a crisp edge all the way around.  The domed surface is a sensual canvas that looks great and lays great whether it is fire polished smooth or decorated with a raised design.  Because of the domed surface it also means that the beads lay nicely against the skin. 

Just like with the faceted line, the Lentils require less glass than tab shapes because of the tapering edges. (For an explanation of our shapes, go to our FAQ page).  This is an added benefit to you as a lampworker because it will take you less time to wind on your base amount of glass and also saves you glass.  It is a benefit to you as a jewelry designer or your customers because beads will weigh less and not be bulky in your pieces.  The domed surfaces allow flush designs to be viewed without interruption.

Graduated Lentil

Graduated Lentil - $60
19.3mm, 15.9mm, 12.7mm
base recommended

Beads by Sarah Hornik

Chunky Lentil Trio

Chunky Lentil Trio - $60
15 x 11 mm thick
17.5 x 12 mm thick
22 x 13 mm thick
base recommended

Beads by Miriam Steger

Beads by Lily Dickson
7/8" Reversible Lentil

Reversible Lentil 7/8" - $60
Top tool is a 7/8" Lentil and the base is REVERSIBLE!
One side of the bottom tray is a Lentil and
the other is a Tab!
base recommended


7/8" lentil lampwork earrings by Gail Crosman Moore
Did you know that CattWalk Tools also work with borosilicate?

Here's proof! The beads by Gail Crosman Moore shown on this page, are borosilicate.

1.50" Lentil bead by Gail Crosman Moore
1" Lentil

1" Lentil - $65
The classic lentil in a smaller focal size. Plenty of surface area to
decorate without needing a whole lot of glass to fill the cavity.
Perfect focal size for those who usually make smaller beads.
Did we mention that the bottom tray is reversible to a round tab?

1.25" Lentil (Reversible)

1.25" Lentil (Reversible) - $65
1.25" x .50" thick
base recommended


1.25" Deeper Lentil (Reversible)

1.25" Deeper Lentil (Reversible) - $65
1.25" x .75" thick
base recommended


1.25" x .75" thick Lentil bead by Ellen Black
1.5" Lentil (Reversible)

1.5" Lentil (Reversible) - $65
1.50" x .50" thick
base recommended



1.50" Lentil beads by Ellen Black
1.5" Deeper Lentil (Reversible)

1.5" Deeper Lentil (Reversible) - $65
1.50" x .75" thick
base recommended


1.50" x .75" thick Lentil bead by Ellen Black
2" Lentil

bead by Pati Walton
2" Lentil - $90
(no base required)
If you love the 1-1/2" Lentils but the Jumbo 2-1/2" Lentil scares you then go for the 2" Jumbo Lentil. The depth of the 2 inch Lentil is 1/2" deep (12.7mm).


Ellen Black Jumbo Lentil

Ellen Black Jumbo Lentil - $90
2.50" x .79" thick
can accommodate up to 1/8" mandrel
(no base required)
some assembly required so that we can still provide free shipping

You've heard the rumors, now it can be yours!  Look at our artist's beads for an example of the ranges you can get.  From a nice crisp edge to a more plump, rounded edge.  Just vary the amount of glass and let your imagination run wild!


beads by Amoret beads by Ellen Black

Oval Lentil Duo

Oval Lentil Duo - $60
24 mm x 19mm x 9.5mm
20mm x 15.5mm x 8.5mm
base recommended

This set is made using the Oval Lentil Duo and Trio Tools
image and beads courtesy of Lori Greenberg

Oval Lentil Trio

Oval Lentil Trio - $60
18 mm x 13.5mm x 8.3mm
16mm x 12mm x 7.75mm
12mm x 9mm x 7.25mm
base recommended

Oval Lentil 1-1/16"

Oval Lentil 1-1/16" - $60

27.5 mm x 22.5mm x 12mm
27.5mm x 22.5mm x 10mm
base recommended



This tool provides 2 cavities for 1-1/6" x 7/8" (27.5 mm x 22.5mm) oval lentils in 2 different thicknesses. The nice larger shape provides plenty of surface area for decoration and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to achieve this bead.

Note: If you notice a slight dip in the surface of the bead, that is a result of the machining process. Once your bead is made, it blends right into the smooth surface and can be fire polished away with care if desired.

Large Oval Lentil

Large Oval Lentil - $65
If you like larger beads, this one is for you. It's the companion to the other oval lentils in a nice chunky size. Plenty of room for surface decoration and a nice crisp edge.
39mm x 28mm x 14mm thick
(1.5" x 1" x .5" thick)


1.25" x .75" thick Lentil bead by Ellen Black


beads courtesy of Ellen Black

Fused Lentil 3

Fused Lentil 3 - $60
35mm x 20mm
(1.4" x .8")
Three lentils graduated in size and fused into one great shape.  Elegant, crisp edge all the way around and thin enough that it lays nice against the skin!

Fused Lentil 5
Bead made by Jacqueline Keller

Fused Lentil 5- $60
48mm x 20mm
(1.8" x .8")
Five graduated lentils fused into one great shape.  Elegant, crisp edge all the way around and thin enough that it lays nice against the skin!

Rimmed Capsule

This set is made using both of the Rimmed Capsule tools
4 sizes total
beads courtesy of Lori Greenberg

Rimmed Capsule - $60
20.5mm x 16mm
19mm x 14mm


Large Rimmed Capsule

images and beads courtesy of Lori Greenberg

Large Rimmed Capsule - $60
30mm x 22mm, 27mm x 22mm
base recommended

Anniversary Special Lentil
 The "Anniversary Special" tool is a 2 cavity focal combo stamp that has a 15/16" Lentil and a 15/16" Lollipop. The bottom half reverses to a Tab and Pastille

bead by Lori Greenberg

reversible tab and pastille bottom

Anniversary Special
Regular $60
Focal Lollipop and Lentil, both with reversible bottom.  You've wanted a larger Lollipop, here it is!
Just purchase a tool and then add this one to your cart too.

1/2 Inch Sampler

1/2 Inch Sampler - $60
(Tab, Lentil and Domed Tab)
CattWalk's first sampler tool made up of three of our most popular shapes. 
NOTE:  This tool includes the smallest Tab, Lentil and Domed Tab cavities from the standard trios.
If you already have those tools, you already have these cavities.

7/8" Lentil and Pastille

7/8" Lentil and Pastille - $60
(Reversible Tab Bottom)
What more can be said?  It's a 7/8" Lentil and a 7/8" Pastille all in the same tool!  To top it off (or bottom it off if you want to get technical) the Lentil cavity has a reversible Tab bottom. 


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